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Introducing Lezley Alba Photography Baby Registry Program

April 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I think back on the photos I have of my little ones I literally cry. As a new young mom I stressed about paying medical bills, buying the baby gear, designing the nursery and ALLLLLL the diapers. Hiring a professional photographer for portraits was not a trend at the time. It was a minor detail we didn't think much of.. and honestly probably couldn't afford! 

I took a few photos with my first then used my cell phone to take more pictures of the second and third.. but I have less than a handful. Most of them are blurry, or taken with sleepers on that cover 90% of their body, and most is of baby and siblings and baby alone. I think I am in two photos...and  im pretty sure I have zero photos of me with my middle one as an newborn. 

Seven years later I am left with regret and a foggy mind at what they were like the first few days after birth. 


Most moms know that momentos are important but don't realize just how critical these pictures and small memories are until it is too late to capture the moment in time.

Luckily, Newborn portrait photography is becoming more and more popular.


 Newborns are photographed between 4-16 days of life. Tiny, curled up little humans, fresh into the world.  The fingers and toes, the eyelashes, every little detail.  All of these beautiful features will change with each passing day. 

Our children grow up right in front of our eyes, after one week, after three weeks, after six months – they grow, change and develop and nothing that we can do will stop them.

Capturing your newborn baby with a professionally trained newborn photographer will be the first ‘gift’ that you give to them (and yourself!). 

To make this "luxury" a reality for more parents, I have created our baby registry service!

This ensures that gift givers can purchase something truly meaningful and memorable for expecting parents. 



How it works

Baby registry is a complimentary service offered to expecting parents.  

Just contact me to book the baby (just a due date and deposit is required)  Then I supply them will all of the information they need to share their registry with family and friends!  Registry cards  (printed and digital) are provided to be included in baby shower invitations. Friends and family simply log in, pay any amount they choose towards your session, then receive a beautiful packaged card to give at the shower or even after baby arrives. 

All of the information of gift certificate purchases is stored so writing thank you cards is a breeze!



How soon do I need to book?

To ensure a spot on my calendar it is best to book during the second or third trimester. 

What payment forms do you accept? 

Friends and family log on to my website and can gift any amount. Debit, Credit and paypal are accepted. Cash and personal check is accepted the day of the photo session. 

What if the amount paid exceeds the session price? 

All extra money can go towards additional digital files, prints, wall art or additional sessions

Can the registry stay active for additional sessions?

YES! The registry is active for an entire year

What type of session is the registry good for?​​​​​​

Maternity, Newborn, Fresh 48 hospital sessions, In home lifestyle sessions, or the complete watch me grow package (this includes 4 sessions, and saves $200!) 






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