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Coas Bookstore/Lezley Alba Photography/Las Cruces photographer

March 21, 2015  •  8 Comments

On top of photography, I am a busy homeschool momma of 3! Our week is usually packed full of activities… school, swimming, t ball, gymnastics.. and I do photo session in between. Its overwhelming at times, but I love staying busy. I love the creative outlet that photography gives me. 

On Tuesdays Jaxon (my oldest) goes to his great grandmas house for an hour. She is a retired teacher and offered her expertise on reading and phonics. They could both use the company too : ) On those days I usually run a quick errand or do something fun with the two littles. This trip we decided to visit Coas Bookstore. This super cute old bookstore downtown Las Cruces. They have an awesome system where they buy your old books or give you store credit. We always sort through and take books in we no longer read and get new ones. The kids love it! 

I always resolve to take more photos of my own kids. That is so hard though! lugging around the kids and all their stuff is tough. Plus my camera weighs a million pounds. (not exactly a million but close) This trip I just happened to have it in the car! Coas was the perfect spot for an impromptu photo session. 

The little one believes in taking extreme safety measures. You'll find him around town in either this hard hat OR a batting helmet. :P 








Stacey Nelli(non-registered)
I can't wait to schedule Gia baby's one year pictures...she's grown so much from her newborn pictures!!!
Lezley Alba Photography
Thank you so much Malerie!
I do have a studio space. I am renting a room upstairs of the la buena vida womens club (jazzercise) I do newborns and babies there… then shoot everything else outdoors : )
Malerie Mabry(non-registered)
your kids are adorable! These pictures are a great reminder that kids can have so much fun for free! Do you have a studio?
Ellen Armitage(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!
Jianna Whiteley(non-registered)
So sweet you are capturing these precious days!
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